Ninja Squad

Ages 6-7


Ninja Squad Schedule Beginning May 6th, 2019

Monday                      4:30-5:00

Tuesday                     4:30-5:00

Wednesday                 5:15-5:45

Thursday                    4:30-5:00

Saturday                    10:45-11:15 AM


Our Ninja Squad Class is a fun and exciting way for your young child to get an introduction to martial arts. Beginning with an obstacle course or energetic warm up, the students learn how to deal with bullies, basic kickboxing, jumping/spinning kicks and technique patterns.

We understand that kids this age still need a lot of structure and play, so that's what we do! Students are broken up into groups and cycle through their curriculum pieces with an instructor.  

Self Discipline, respect and focus are positively enforced and kids have a fun time learning it! 





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Classes are 30 minutes long.  Students attend any two classes per week.