Little Dragons 


Ages 4 and 5 years old 

How does a preschooler and kindergartener learn best?  Through PLAY of course!!

Our Little Dragons pack a lot of play into 30 minutes.  With obstacle courses, kicking and punching colorful targets and wrestling around, they start to learn how their bodies work!   

This class focuses on taking turns, following directions and being attentive, all while playing our "Dragons Games"

Students advance through our Dragons Ranks as they learn and master these games.

Little Dragons Schedule 

Beginning May 6th, 2019

Monday:             4:30-5:00

Wednesday:       5:00-5:30

Thursday:           4:30-5:00

Saturday:            10:45-11:15 AM


Classes are 30 minutes long.  Students attend any two classes per week.  Please register for a FREE CLASS to try out our awesome program! 

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